About Duerst

This is my official artist website. My name is Stefan Duerst and I am a metal artist living in Godfrey, Ontario, Canada.

Through my sculptural work, I am trying to create an emotional experience for the viewer. One might remember a past event in their childhood, or have a direct response in the form of joy, happiness or inspiration. I am inspired by a diversity of creative minds, such as Grant Achatz and Carl Lagerfeld, both of whom push the limitations of their profession and are not afraid of creating something entirely different and surprising.

Magic is a shift in perception #2, 170x24x24, 2014In my work, I explore both the dynamism of organic shapes and the stability of minimal, archaic forms, allowing the tensions that arise from these juxtapositions to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. In my recent seriesMagic is a Shift in PerceptionSupreme Bubbling Totem, and Soul Gate (all named after Acupressure points), I am playing with flowing lines and repetitive abstract details. The lines of these works lead the viewer from one piece to another, replicating what Michael Fried describes as the “theatricality” of modern sculpture. I am drawn to the opposing inherent qualities of steel; its structural integrity and nearly unlimited malleability when in a heated state. Using different furnaces and forges to heat the metal allows me to shape the material with industrial presses, as well as by hand and anvil. Working especially on larger sculptures often pushes me to my physical limits and thus creates a deep, meditative state and connection with my work.